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Dictionary: Made up words

Dictionary: (made up words and insults me and my best friend make)

Me: Fat sunburnt prostitute who sells dried up pengina juice balls for sexual favors and in her spare time squats on cucumbers in her parents basement..
...Pengina- mix of male and female reproductive organs, very deadly and vicious when caught...and no its not like a hermaphrodite.

Ellie: Pale Arabian stripper j.i.m.p.er that eats dried up pengina juice balls for extra cash and sells canned farts for sexual favors and licks apple skins in her uncles closet..
...J.i.m.p.er- Stands for jizz in my pants

More will be added as they are created

The Mortal Instruments Playlist

It has been several weeks since The Mortal Instruments Book 4: City of Fallen Angels has been released and I've been planning on making a post about this earlier but things got in the way SO I'm doing it today (: right now.

OHHH! Almost forgot! *Spoilers*

Songs you should listen to while reading TMI Series:

1) "Immortality" by City of the Fallen- For the scene in COG where Clary and Jace find that angel in the pentagram in the Morgenstern Manor.

2) "Ocean Princess" by Two Steps From Hell- Really, this song can go with a lot of the scenes in TMI books. Ex: In COG when Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, and Alec go to the Seelie Court and see all those pretty fairies dancing all over the place (gave me goosebumps) or that one scene in COA after Clary destroyed the ship and they're on their way home and the sun starts to rise and Simon thinks he's going to incinerate because *SPOILER* He's a vampire now 0_o

3) "Hymn to the Sea" by James Horner- This song is actually from Titanic but its actually goes reeeaally well with TMI. I listened to this song while reading the end of COG; Around the part where Clary is sitting in her room watching the smoke rise up from where they are burning *SPOILER* Valentine's body *goosebumps again* and it also goes good with the scene where Clary sees Alec and Isabelle's dad on the ground *SPOILER* cradling Max's dead body. And also it goes with the scene in COA that i talked about in #2

4) "New World Order" by Two Steps From Hell- I effin love this song! If you listen to this song on repeat while reading the last few pages of COFA you will hyperventilate! *SPOILER* When Jace walks over to where Sebastian is floating in that weird coffin thing and slices his hand and then Sebastian gets up and that whole bond thing that occurred..woah. I was so creeped out..this song can also go with the whole fighting thing that went on on the balcony with Lilith

5) "Howl" by Florence and The Machine- This song describes SO MUCH. The lyrics and the beat are just perfect. Listen to Howl while reading the scene in COFA AFTER the fight with Lilith and Jordan/Kyle and Maia are all alone after after fighting those weird people in track suits and they kiss and all that good stuff. Or the scene where Jordan shows up outside after Simon's band did that gig at that place (:P) and see's Maia and she attacks him..really any scene where they are together.

So yeah, thats all I have for now. If you know any songs that would be good to listen to while read TMI OR even ID (Infernal Devices) leave a comment..down below (:


Please, please, PLEASE vote you guys! I really want Team Dimitri Belikov to win (we're both Russian's and ya know..Russian's stick together) but if he cant win i at least want one of the other three that are posted up here with him to win. They definitely deserve it and so do the authors. So please, if you have the time, check out Literary Book Crush-a-thon and vote (:


Apr. 3rd, 2011

So, I have to have a portfolio to get into the Fine Arts Center and I needed one more piece to complete it, but I didn't know what to write about.I stayed up late listening to music, hoping that something would come to me and nothing did. I eventually fell asleep and started dreaming.

-There were these golden gates and there was a man. Just by looking at him you could tell that he was special but if you looked to hard at him, it would blind you. He was shining..Well, actually what was behind him was. Behind him where angels; Thousands and thousands of angels and they were so beautiful. They were all people i had known or did know like my math teacher, my best friend, or my neighbor but also they were religious people. Every single one of them were people or "angels" who were faithful to God and then across from was another man. He was also very special but not in the same was as the bright one was. He had a way about him that just gave you the chills. And behind him where Angels, too. They looked almost the same as the others but they looked a bit darker. They looked more wild, more deadly. They were beautiful too. I recognized some of them as friends that used to be religious but had given up on God and everything else. Then, i saw myself. I was standing next to the tall, imposing, and creepy yet beautiful man who i know realized was Lucifer and I was an angel too. I had a long black sword in my hand and then suddenly, without any physical signal both groups started going at each other. I walked or flew right up to my boyfriend who was on God's side and just stared at him and he stared at me. Eventually, i started getting into the war and we just fought for so long and then suddenly we froze. God stared at all of us and said something like "I banish you all to Earth where you will be rightfully punished for betraying your brothers, sisters, and most importantly, me. Then, there was this gravitational pull towards earth that i felt and i could see all the other angels in Lucifers side being pulled down. I tried grabbing on to someone's dress but my wings kept pulling downward and they started ripping off of my skin. So I let go and I fell and it felt like one of those dreams where you fall but milliseconds later, you wake up but..I didn't. I just kept falling and my wings kept tearing and my skin was burning from where the elements were getting into the gashes on my back. Eventually, we all landed. Some landed in oceans, others in forests, some in deserts, and some Angels, you could see, were still falling; They looked like shooting stars in the night sky. I landed on a field. I laid there for a while and then I got up and walked until i reached a rocky cliff and on that cliff was a pedestal. I stepped onto the pedestal just as one of my wings fell completely off (the other was barely hanging) and i looked up at the sky. I could see an Angel coming at me. It was Josh (bf) and he landed right beside me and just stared at me. Then i looked at him and asked him why he was here and he said he was going to stay down here to help us. He said he was going to help me find the rest of the Angels. I asked him how long we were going to be down here and when we were going to b forgiven and get our wings back so we could fly up to Heaven again and right before I woke up he whispered to me with tears in his eye's "were not"-

That was a really weird dream but I absolutely loved it and when I woke up I decided that was going to be what I was going to base my story on but when i finished writing what had occurred in the dream i realized that i don't know where to go with this story. So, I need your help. Do any of you have ideas on what should happen next? Character names since I don't want to use their real names? Anything would be great and highly appreciated (:

Also, here is the song I was listening to before I went to bed. The song was actually, kinda, sorta playing in my head when I was dreaming and the picture in the video was what I was occurring near the end of my dream..

Behold... My Future
  I will marry Taylor Kitsch.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in USA in our fabulous Shack.  
  We will have 19 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a red Bug.
  I will spend my days as a writer, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

VA Character numero uno! (#1)

 The title says it all, folks!

So ill be giving a short description of the characters in each post along with a picture and some background info. This is mostly for VA fans, so if your not a fan but would like to know about the series, add me! But if you DONT care for this and your asking why I'm doing this..haha well..just leave now :)

VA Character #1: Rose Hathaway

This is how I imagine Rose Hathaway to look like, except maybe a tad bit younger (she's 17 throughout half of the series)

Name: Rose Hathaway
Age: 17-VA, FB, SK and 18-SK, BP, SB, LS
Race: Dhampir
Mother: Janine Hathaway (dhampir)
Father: Abrahim Mazur or Abe (non-royal moroi)
Charge: Lissa Dragomir(royal moroi)

Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, half vamp and half human, and throughout most of the series she attends a school called St. Vladimir's Academy. When she was 15, she got into a car accident and died, along with her best friend, Lissa's, family. Without realizing it, Lissa brought her back using Spirit (which ill get into when I talk about Lissa) and this created a one-way bond between Rose and her. It also made Rose Shadow-kissed. She is now able to get into Lissa's head and see through her eyes, and can also get a feel for her mood and intentions. At the academy Rose falls in love with her instructor or mentor or "comrade" (insider). His name is Dimitri (ill be talking about him after Lissa) and he's 24, which makes it illegal for him to be with Rose and he tries to keep her from him but eventually he gives in also but sadly tragedy strikes, again, but I wont tell you. Ill get into that also when I talk about Dimitri.

Ok, so my next post that I will be posting tonight will be about just Dhampirs, Moroi, and Strigoi. Check back later to find it :)
So I'm back and I'm really excited for the release of Last Sacrifice, the last book in the Vampire Academy series. Im gonna be talking about it everyday until the day of the release: December 7th.

So todays post is just going to be the teasers that Penguin Australia has been posting every 3 days or so :) here you go! Remember, every picture is a hint and every word is a possibility. 

VA Christian Ozera Trailer: 

VA Last Sacrifice Teaser Quote 1:

VA Lissa Dragomir Trailer:

Its time to get back to my writing. Im excited :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!
 My best buddy, Ryan..tripping behind the school on the walk home =D

Jordan's reaction on skype when I showed him the actual VIDEO of what happened..

 a pic from kinsleigh's birthday party...last month that I forgot to post .Its Jordan and...his friend? i cant remember his name
and yes. if you havent noticed yet, its a pool party. idk wat the black bar at the top is.. 

aannnd then..


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