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The Mortal Instruments Playlist

It has been several weeks since The Mortal Instruments Book 4: City of Fallen Angels has been released and I've been planning on making a post about this earlier but things got in the way SO I'm doing it today (: right now.

OHHH! Almost forgot! *Spoilers*

Songs you should listen to while reading TMI Series:

1) "Immortality" by City of the Fallen- For the scene in COG where Clary and Jace find that angel in the pentagram in the Morgenstern Manor.

2) "Ocean Princess" by Two Steps From Hell- Really, this song can go with a lot of the scenes in TMI books. Ex: In COG when Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, and Alec go to the Seelie Court and see all those pretty fairies dancing all over the place (gave me goosebumps) or that one scene in COA after Clary destroyed the ship and they're on their way home and the sun starts to rise and Simon thinks he's going to incinerate because *SPOILER* He's a vampire now 0_o

3) "Hymn to the Sea" by James Horner- This song is actually from Titanic but its actually goes reeeaally well with TMI. I listened to this song while reading the end of COG; Around the part where Clary is sitting in her room watching the smoke rise up from where they are burning *SPOILER* Valentine's body *goosebumps again* and it also goes good with the scene where Clary sees Alec and Isabelle's dad on the ground *SPOILER* cradling Max's dead body. And also it goes with the scene in COA that i talked about in #2

4) "New World Order" by Two Steps From Hell- I effin love this song! If you listen to this song on repeat while reading the last few pages of COFA you will hyperventilate! *SPOILER* When Jace walks over to where Sebastian is floating in that weird coffin thing and slices his hand and then Sebastian gets up and that whole bond thing that occurred..woah. I was so creeped out..this song can also go with the whole fighting thing that went on on the balcony with Lilith

5) "Howl" by Florence and The Machine- This song describes SO MUCH. The lyrics and the beat are just perfect. Listen to Howl while reading the scene in COFA AFTER the fight with Lilith and Jordan/Kyle and Maia are all alone after after fighting those weird people in track suits and they kiss and all that good stuff. Or the scene where Jordan shows up outside after Simon's band did that gig at that place (:P) and see's Maia and she attacks him..really any scene where they are together.

So yeah, thats all I have for now. If you know any songs that would be good to listen to while read TMI OR even ID (Infernal Devices) leave a comment..down below (:




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